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In which Danny has the sort of Freaky Sex one thought no-one had now LSD has got so watered down. Possibly also physically impossible if one's partner is not a Calaquendi. It's really a little OTT.

Also, I embarrass Mr Newman yet again. Poor boy.

“Danny.” I growl a slow warning. “You should get an hour of sunlight a day.”

The sky blushes crimson and the glass walls of Eighth Avenue turn into a fiery corridor down to the sea. It’s a flash of a display, the gasp of a dragon that rolls fire over the city and then retreats. Daniel’s chest is bare beneath is jacket. I slip my hand inside and run my fingers over him as we watch the swan song of the day. The little hairs on his arms bristle at my touch.

“Who told you that?” He sighs.

The sun dives beneath the surface of the ocean and the flames smoulder down to red embers. Gloom gathers in the valley between the apartment blocks. The skyline blackens against the horizon.

“Make a wish,” Says Danny suddenly.


“First star of the night,” he points, “You have to make a wish.”

“That’s Venus,” I say. “It’s a planet.”

“What does that mean? It’s small and bright and lives in the sky.”

“It means I’m not going to wish on it.”


“Alright, alright.” I kiss his forehead. “I wish you’d take better care of yourself.”

He looks down with the contented embarrassment of a small child who has just watched a master conjurer perform a very clever trick on them. He folds himself back against my body.

The next thing I know he has wrapped his arms around my shoulders and is kissing me. When he stops he says, “I love you.”

I make some noise of shock and he puts his fingers to my lips.

“No, Michael,” He says. “Don’t give me any of your rationality here. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t feel.”

“But you barely know me.” And, I think, you don’t really want to.

“What do facts matter? There are fourteen-year-old girls in Idaho who can recite every fact about me that’s ever been created from my blood type to my high school. Facts don’t make people.”

But names can, I think, and you don’t know mine.

He sighs heavily against my shoulder. It’s proper twilight now; the colour has leeched out of the world. The trees of Central Park are as grey as the woods of Neldoreth when I first came to this world.

“Alright,” I say. “If it makes you happy.”

He looks up at me with the streetlamps in his eyes and says, “I love you, Michael.”

We sink down to the floor of the balcony in each other’s arms, still holding on to each other, lips locked, panting into each other’s mouths.

“Can we do it out here?” I gasp.

“Mmm,” Says Daniel, lying out on the wooden matting and unbuttoning his misfit trousers.

“What if somebody sees us?” I’d been pulled aside by both Daniel’s manager and his head of security and briefed on Publicity 101 when it became apparent I was going to be a fixture. The main thrust of both lectures was to avoid it at all costs.

“Fuck them.” He growls and becomes for a moment the shiny boy with the big voice from the MTV video. Then he groans and slides his hand into the now wide-open waistband of his trousers.

I lie down beside him and stroke the soft curls of his hair as he runs his tongue over his lips and strokes the hard flesh of his erection. It’s very pretty hair, deep chocolate brown, tug a curl little and it springs back into perfect shape. We lie amid terracotta pots containing palms and ferns that fan over us like an excusive jungle, the smell of damp vegetation mingles with the salty smell of aroused mortal. It’s the sort of expensive, fake outdoors that all the best cloistered courtesans should have, tame and not prone to leaving dirty stains on fabric.

I undress slowly giving Danny plenty to excite him. I’d be quite happy to watch him toss himself off until he comes. I fold my jacket gently beneath his head and my trousers beneath his hips. Then I lie down naked beside him.

“Mmm,” I say, stroking his stomach. I love the feel of fresh air against my skin, all my skin. I forgot how sensuous being aware of one’s whole body at once could be. Danny’s eyes move up and down over my flesh. I stretch back on one hip, lifting my arm up, watching him take me in. He gasps and thrusts his hips up. I kiss the side of his face, still only half aroused, muttering encouragement into Danny’s ear. I think my chi’s been altogether too uncoiled, I don’t want to tense, to harden. I want to glide like silk over this boys skin.

Danny is gone completely now, tilting his head back, rolling his eyes up, gasping for air. I hold him tenderly as his eyes darken and the realisation that he’s come spreads across his face. He laughs out loud in relief and I kiss his cheek.

“Calmed yourself down now?”

He nods breathlessly.

“That was a wonderful show you know.”

“I’m a performer.” He gasps.

“No wonder you sell so well.”

“Oh good God no. Could you imagine it? We’re very cerebral you know. It’s really about the words.”

We could be on a camping trip in somewhere where the native foliage is very refined.

“So they’re all shouting for your poetry?”

“They all seem to know the lyrics.”

“So it’s nothing to do with sex?”

“Of course it’s to do with sex. But it’s more to do with a feeling of vibrancy, being turned on. It, I dunno, hits your mind the same way as sex. But it’s not about another body. It’s more of a sexy vibe. All that feel my love-snake became agonisingly un-arousing by about 1975.”

He pauses.

“Except.” He looks around as if he expects several paparazzi to leap from the bushes. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Danny, you just jerked yourself off in my arms.”

“Can you?”

“Of course I’ll keep your secrets Danny.” I think that was what he really wanted to hear.

“You know sometimes, when I’m up there, and they’re all shouting for me and reaching out to me,” he paused, “I kind of want to get it out.” He laughed. “I never would of course, but I sometimes kind of feel it. I want to show the world my dick.”

“Aww Danny,” I cuddle his shoulders. He’s squirming with embarrassment.

“I’ve never told anyone else. Jan would just think I’m a pervert. Brian would just take it as a licence to get his out.” I smile. He’s delicious.

“I mean, we’d become just another clichéd rock band if that happened.”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” I say coolly, glancing down at the topic of discussion.

“I’ve definitely seen it look better.”

“You should get those clothes off. Feel the breeze on your skin. It’s very invigorating”

“I noticed.” He stares shamelessly at my invigorated cock. “God you look so good naked.”

I sit up and slide Danny’s now somewhat messy black trousers off his legs. It’s probably nothing the dry cleaner hasn’t seen before. I sit between his legs and gently stroke his inner thighs.

“You don’t look so bad yourself. Better than in that ugly old suit.”

“That suit is a masterpiece of innovative tailoring. In a years time everyone will want one.”

“Daniel.” I’m looking at the kid through his splayed legs, trying to get him nice and relaxed for a good long fucking. He’s a good kid like that, he likes it a bit rough, likes to be taken to the edge where he can barely take any more. He’s crazy for that; it’s what he lives for. My hand travels up to the base of his arse, stroking the narrow ends of his cheeks, feeling them loosen and his legs split a little further apart. Fool, I think. You’re going to let an immortal work centuries of held in hunger on that tight little mortal nether of yours.

He moans. I work my fingers into the cleft between his cheeks. I’m not even half hard, and he’s going to let me pound into him all night. He’ll take everything, cry out for more. I want to, I really want to. Daniel, who has raised himself up on his elbows to watch my ministrations, grins when he sees the hard evidence of my desires raising its head.

I want this, but somewhere in the midst of all this longing is a desire to protect. I want to wrap him in blankets and keep him safe from people who would use him roughly, people like me. The tenderness is so lost amid the lust that I don’t know what to do. I want to be his lover, I want to satisfy and please. I want to just cuddle. And I want to fuck him raw until sunrise.

His soft arsehole puckers easily and lets in my finger. I want this, but at the same time it feels brutal. It feels like deception. I want to tell him no, Danny, no. I’m so much stronger than you. I could really break you. I could push you too hard and leave you unable to remember who you are, what world you come from. He’s willing, he’s eager, but it seems like abuse.

“Danny,” I say softly as he tenses encouragingly round my finger, “You will let me know if I hurt you.”

“Of course.”

“You’ll say if you want to stop.”

“Yes. Michael, please. Please, stop acting like I’m made of sugar. I’m trying to get turned on here.”


I lift his hips up and slowly push in. His fingers claw at the matting beside me. I lie completely over him, taking it really slow, letting my braids fall down and screen us from the avenue below. He squirms. Odd how much I like taking him, I think when before I always preferred to be the one taken.

Maybe it’s because he’s so soft, so sweet. I want to be the one to push inside him to do it properly, give him the best ride, make sure he isn’t hurt by some nasty. He hitches himself up around me, letting me in deeper, and we are in our own little world.

I fuck him till he’s almost dead around my cock, eyes barely open, spent from coming and coming and coming again, still clinging on to me pleading for more in a whisper. His shoulders bump bonelessly against the decking, but his groin is still tight, clenched for one last crescendo. I was crying out for orgasm by now too, I’d given him almost as much as I could, brought him there, let him rest, twisted him another way and given him some more. We were like drowning sailors panting for oxygen, barely able to go on, desperate to go on. He grasped my hand.

“Love you, Michael.”

I push his hair off his forehead; it's sopping with sweat. He smiles. I see the beginnings of release in his eyes and for a moment think I’ve really killed him.


“Oh God don’t stop now, I’m coming. Please.”

I thrust with a terrific effort as his back arches and his whole body spasms upward. I might be killing him, I don’t know, I’m lost too now, a slave to the process, to whatever has overtaken us.

“You’re coming too,”

“I know, I know Danny.” I can’t come with you; we go separate ways.

Oh please don’t let me pitch up in Mandos like this.

Danny squeezes my hand harder. I grab back as hard as I can. Fuck them. I think wildly. Fuck them.

Someone cried out in the dark with a force that shook the bulletproof glass of Colossus Towers. It must have been me. I nearly black out over Daniel who keeps holding on to me as I dully register his shuddering gasps across my flesh. I feel like the world is disintegrating around me; everything is breaking up around the hot spurt deep inside the man clinging on to me. I let go, I think for a moment we’re flying, then I remember we’re just up in the air.



“I thought I’d killed us.”

“Close,” gasps Danny.

The Beard returned at 4.49 am and vomited very loudly. Hm. I now have to go out and socialise for a bit. I really want to write more of this - I have some idea's for the JanSquash scene and also Danny has a nightmare - but I'm not sure if I'll get a chance with the season of goodwill and all. :(
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